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With  over 20 years of diverse experience in legal/medical transcription services with a medical background.   

Our  transcripts had been accepted in: federal/state courts and government meetings.

They were fast, very accurate and easy  to work with for a Traffic Stop for 1 of out clients.

Attorney B.

About Us

Our Advantages vs. Competitors

 • State license nurse, which in turn can interpret medical terms (medical background)

 • Police dash/body cams  experienced

 • 24 to 48 hour turnaround time, in most cases.

 • We perform All services, not outsourced

All transcripts are verbatim, without inaudible comments, when possible

Human interpretation, without voice transcription software

• Available for in-person meeting for any issues concerning transcriptions

  • Different formats: Hard (Paper), Storage (Thumb, DVD, CD, HD), mp4. mp3